Blog - Note Taking: Notes, Memo, Todo

Getting started

by Sandy 29 Apr 2017

Just want to take notes

  1. Open All Notes tab and tap on + icon at the bottom and start typing your note
  2. Tap Save and you are done

Use notebooks and tags to organize notes

  1. Open Notebooks tabs and tap on Add at the top, enter a name for the Notebook and select at least one tag and tapping Save will save the notebook

  2. Open the notebook and tap on + icon at the bottom and start typing your note

  3. Tap Save and you are done

Below is an example of creating a notebook and adding a note


Now open the notebook and start adding notes, these notes will have all the tags that this notebook has (here it's gardening)

When and how to create a notebook

by Sandy 25 Dec 2016

When you have quite a few notes may be 20 probably it's good idea to group them somehow so you can find them easily. Creating a notebook is an easy way to group it.

To put notes in a notebook you need to have a notebook to put your notes into

Add a notebook by providing a name and some tags, once added if your notes also have all the tags mentioned in the notebook they'll automatically become part of this notebook. If not add same tags to all those notes which you want to be part of this notebook as well

Let's say you want to group all those notes that are related to gardening

Create a notebook as below

Go through the notes and add gardening tag to the ones that you want to put into this notebook

Once notes are tagged you can see them in the notebook